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Mani Izadi Sharifi

PT-nivå 2 ved Impulse Rosten

Graduate of Exercise Physiology with more than six years of experience in personal training as an exercise physiologist, an exercise therapist, and a conditioning coach. Researcher on exercise, sport, fitness, and health with more than 15 scientific publications. Current sport scientist intern working with internationally recognized institutions and start-ups.


  • Master of Physical Activity and Health – Exercise Physiology; NTNU (ongoing)
  • Master of Exercise Physiology – Applied Exercise Physiology; Guilan University
  • Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports Sciences – Exercise Physiology; Guilan University
  • Certified Fitness, Functional, and BodyBuilding Trainer

Further learning/courses/workshops:

  • Exercise Science; University of Colorado Boulder
  • First Aids and Athletic Trainer; SMFIRI
  • Recovery in Sport; SMFIRI
  • Recover Quicker Perform Better; international Olympic committee
  • Faster, Higher, Stronger; international Olympic committee
  • Kinesio Taping; SMFIRI
  • Principles of Training Periodization; Guilan University
  • Design of Resistance Training Programs Based on Progression; Guilan University
  • Sport Injuries; Fortius Clinic

No matter if you are fit or not, there are always rooms for improvement. You might be a fitness enthusiast, a patient, an athlete, an individual who wants to improve physical function, or simply a person who exercises recreationally. Thanks to the combination of my education in exercise physiology and my thousands of hours of diverse practice in exercise training I help you reach your objectives through a comprehensive science- and evidence-based approach. Also, if you need empowered motivation to start or keep exercising, working out together is all you need.

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